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BDS Analytics is the indispensable source for cannabis industry data and insight. By capturing millions of transactions from dispensary POS systems we provide actionable insights based on accurate information enabling dispensaries, brands, and growers to sustain their success.



Aggregate and Compare Data

Compare your performance to the rest of the industry, utilizing anonymous and aggregated point of sale data.




Compare your sales data to the industry

Draw insights from specific data such as individual product sales, or more general data such as comparing categories.



Gain insight to improve your sales

Take immediate action to grow sales based on the insights gained. Know your market position.

We created the leading POS Data Analytics businesses in two other industries. Now we are bringing the same model and skills to the cannabis industry.

Actionable insight for the cannabis industry

Our Mission: Provide accurate information that gives our clients the insight to make smart decisions that sustain their success.

Our Analytics Experience: We are seasoned analytics-for-market research experts with more than fifty years’ combined experience in:

  • Capturing and standardizing point of sale data,
  • Building and running extensive databases and
  • Providing reports and presenting data to clients and industry

NCIA and BDS Analytics Form Ground-breaking Partnership:
Get access to key cannabis market insights, just by being a current member of NCIA.


If you are a dispensary in the cannabis industry and want to know more about how data analytics can help you, visit our dispensaries page.



If you are a brand interested in how data analytics can help you, please visit our brands page.


Take Action
The insight we give our clients enables them to take immediate action to grow and profit in this extremely exciting industry.

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