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BDS Analytics provides industry-leading cannabis market data
and consumer insights.


dispensary_2Let BDS Analytics help your dispensary grow sales and increase profitability.


placeit-6Use real market data to develop the right products at the right price point. Drive sales and grow market share.


placeit-9Decrease risk and use market data to quantify your market opportunity.

To date we've processed and analyzed more than 100 million legal cannabis transactions - and we're adding millions more each month.

The leader in cannabis business intelligence

What makes our data so different? Our data is based on millions of actual point-of-sale transactions from hundreds of dispensaries across the country. By aggregating, synthesizing and analyzing all of this information, we get a clear picture of what cannabis customers are actually buying.

Our data enables you to study the market at the brand and product level, offering market share and retail pricing information. Our team is seasoned in analytics-for-market research - with a combined fifty years' experience working for industry leaders like NPD Group, Leisure Trends, and SPINS among others.

What's New? Now BDS Analytics is your trusted source for cannabis demographic and psychographic research. Thanks to our new Consumer Research Division, BDS Analytics is exploring not just what customers are buying buy who is buying these products and why.

 Want to research the customers for your new cannabis product? Let's get started.

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