‘In the Weeds” Episode 4: Mood Matters – Featuring Charles Jones, Founder of Lucid Mood

‘In the Weeds” Episode 4: Mood Matters – Featuring Charles Jones, Founder of Lucid Mood


intheweedslogoOn today's show we talk with Charles Jones, Founder of Lucid Mood, about the trend of "mood" inducing products.  

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About Charles Jones


Charles Jones is well-known behavioral scientist and entrepreneur. His company Lucid Mood promises users the benefits of cannabis without the bothersome side effects like fatigue or paranoia. Lucid uses precise terpene blends to create a dialed-in, consistent user experience.  Charles is also the Lead Scientist for the Institute for Adaptive Mastery. Charles has long been interested in emotions and moods and how the effect productivity and overall health. 

Today we tackle questions like...

Is this for real? Exactly how to do mood inducing products work?
Are consumers really interested in "side effect free" cannabis? Do they have a hard time understanding what that could feel like?
How have you tested the efficacy of your product? i.e. How do you know it is working?
Who is your target market and how did you arrive at this conclusion?
How do you see this new category growing going forward?
In some states your product isn't available, do you know of other brands that do similar things?
Would you say your product is positioned as a wellness product or as a vice or both? Why?
As a producer, have you made any mistakes our listeners can learn from?

Stay tuned for our next episode of In the Weeds where we'll talk to Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of the Consumer Research Division for BDS Analytics. She'll talk to us about the first statistically significant consumer study in the cannabis industry and what she hopes to uncover through her research.


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