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By capturing data on millions of transactions from dispensary point-of-sale systems, we prove insights based on accurate information. Make better decisions using real, actionable market data. Your data is safe. Sign-up is easy.

New Products

Develop Better Products

  • Discover what products or attributes customers are looking for
  • See trends in the industry as they start
  • Identify the fastest growing product categories
  • Quantify your market opportunity

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

  • Identify your top sellers and fastest growing products
  • Understand the competitive landscape – compare your sales, share, and growth to all other brands and products in the marketplace
  • Third party validation of your performance in the marketplace – trusted source of sales performance reporting
  • Understand consumer behavior: what consumers are purchasing, when they are purchasing and how much they are willing to pay

Increase Profits

Increase Profitability

  • Benchmark margins and turn rate by product and category
  • Focus on your best-selling products and categories
  • Understand consumer wants/needs
  • Isolate underperforming products
  • Anticipate market saturation and/or depletion before it becomes a problem

Loyal Customers

Build Customer Loyalty

  • Compare pricing of like products vs. the market (Be competitive when you need to)
  • Identify under distributed products
  • Measure product trends including attributes consumers demand

How It Works

Every significant dispensary sells branded products and every significant dispensary uses some sort of a POS system. We anonymize and aggregate point of sale data from across the industry. We allow you to compare your products to the industry based on actual sales data.

Discover growing categories to make your next move in product development!

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