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BDS Analytics – The Leader in Cannabis Business Intelligence

placeit-3You know what you’re selling, but is what you’re selling exactly what your customers want? And, do you even know what kinds of products your customers are truly looking for?

The answer to these questions, all come from data analytics. Here at BDS Analytics we collect actual point-of-sale data from dispensaries from around the country and use that data to create insights, for you the cannabis dispensary.

While there has been lots of talk about market data in the cannabis industry, our system at BDS Analytics is the only one to use actual, point-of-sale transactions to create immediately actionable market insights.

What will I be able to learn from this data that I don’t already know?

  •  Using data from BDS Analytics can help you increase sales.
  • Identify underperforming categories in your business vs. the remaining market
  • Identify top sellers and fast growers that you don’t carry
  • Our product is specific down to the category, product and brand
  • See trends in the industry as they start, and use those insights to grow salesplaceit

Using data from BDS Analytics can help you increase profitability.

  • Benchmark margins and turn rate by product and category
  • Stock more of the top sellers and less underperformers

Using data from BDS Analytics can help you build customer loyalty and retention.

  • Compare pricing of like products vs. the market (Be competitive when you need to)
  • Identify under distributed products
  • Measure product trends including attributes consumers demand

 Is my data secure?

1480726040_lockYes. Rest assured, Individual store data is anonymized, aggregated and cannot be shared in any manner that makes it identifiable. The data we use comes from you, the cannabis dispensary.  


How does it work?

  • Every significant POS system has a data export function and most can be automated to deliver data daily or weekly with no intervention needed by our client
  • We have the ability to receive that data in any format

    Yes. BDS Analytics is compatible with any point-of-sale system.

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