Industry Intelligence


Investing in Cannabis?
Look before you leap.

BDS Analytics Industry Intelligence
is the premier source of strategic
and  financial analysis in the cannabis industry.

At BDS Analytics, we provide companies and investors market data and investment insights through analytical reports, and consulting services.

Cannabis Intelligence Briefing Series
A new frontier in Cannabis Industry Business Intelligence

The series focuses on:

  • The state of Legal Marijuana Markets, plus the Mid-Year Update
  • Eight other reports containing cutting edge strategic intelligence from the most experienced team of financial analysts in the business
  • Exclusive analysis of retail point-of-sale data in CA, CO, WA, & OR
  • Unprecedented consumer attitude and usage data
  • Start-up costs and operating models of the key sectors
  • Deep dive analysis of investment opportunities in the key regional markets


The Cannabis Intelligence Briefings will help you:

  • Make smarter investments
  • More rigorously quantify market opportunities
  • Identify the best opportunities state-by-state
  • Better understand the risks in different sectors
  • Learn from the mistakes of others
  • Support the value of the cannabis opportunity to your financial partners
  • Enable you to communicate with regulators from a position of authority

Purchase the 8-part Cannabis Intelligence Briefing Series for $1,975. Click to purchase.

Individual briefings available for $300 per briefing.

Click to purchase: Cannabis Retail: The $23 Billion Opportunity

Click to purchase: Cultivation: Capitalizing On A Tripling of Legal Demand


The State of Legal Marijuana Markets – th Edition

The State of Legal Marijuana Markets – 5th Edition is the industry’s most robust ever released with market projections that rely on a proprietary bottom-up point of sale foundation with millions of individual consumer transactions from dispensary partners in the largest legal cannabis markets across the country. Created through a partnership between Arcview Market Research, the most experienced publisher of cannabis market research, and BDS Analytics.

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Single and Multi-Client Research and Consulting Assignments

Principal Analyst Tom Adams and his team leverage BDS Analytics unique GreenEdge point-of-sale tracking, and its consumer insights survey data, and their decades of experience pioneering the development of financial modeling for fast growth industries like digital media and technology to build and maintain real-time economic and financial models that are the industry standard for accuracy and insight. They put those models to work on custom assignments such as opportunity assessments and business plan development for cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors.