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BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge Platform Offers
Industry-Leading Cannabis Market Intelligence

placeitAt BDS Analytics we collect millions of actual point-of-sale transactions from dispensaries. Leveraging our decades of experience successfully operating data companies in other business sectors, we aggregate, analyze and synthesize these millions of data points – producing the most accurate cannabis market analysis in the industry.




Dispensaries use GreenEdge to optimize inventory and
to stay ahead of the competition.
Call us today for a demo and we'll show you why hundreds of 
dispensaries from across the country are signing up and 
already seeing results!



Brands use GreenEdge to develop products that customers want.
Launch the right products at the right price point
to gain market share and increase sales.
Are you a grower, processor or producer? Get the 
information you need to stay ahead.



Investors use GreenEdge to understand market opportunity
and calculate ROI. If you are an investor looking for the right
information to help you get ahead contact Liz today!




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