About Us

progressBDS Analytics - The leader in cannabis business intelligence

BDS Analytics aims to drive the cannabis sector to thrive with well-informed decisions based on factual data. By capturing millions of transactions from dispensary point-of-sale systems we provide actionable insights based on accurate information enabling dispensaries, brands, and growers to sustain their success.

We not only provides best-in-class market intelligence, we study who is using marijuana and why. Our demographic and psychographic Cannabis Consumer Research Division is the first of its kind. We also use our market intelligence for market-wide financial projection and modeling in our Strategic Research Division. At BDS Analytics, we have a holistic understanding of the emerging cannabis market.

Whether you work in the industry or are thinking about investing - look before you leap. Our market data will help your business make better decisions, bringing efficiency to your operation and increasing your opportunities for growth.



BDS Analytics is proud to be a member and partner with the National Cannabis Industry Association. Learn more.